Shipping & Delivery

Shipping is Free For Our United States, Canadian and UK Customers.

At Leathers Jackets, we make sure that our customers will get a hold of their jackets the earliest way possible. Shipping and delivery takes about 10-working days in normal circumstances. We spend 2-3 working days for the manufacturing of your order and takes 3-7 working days for the product delivery.

We only use trusted courier services for our delivery, such as FedEx, SkyNet and DHL. However, we use UPS for our clients within the United States and Royal Mail for our customers in the United Kingdom.

We have our flat rate of shipping amounting to (amount), for countries except the United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom. On the other hand, for countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and South America, the cost of shipping will be a bit extra due to the postage costs in such regions.

Taxes and Import Duties

Leathers Jackets will not be held responsible for any taxes and import duties that may be incurred by the buyer. The cost of the item paid towards us is exclusive of all the possible local charges. The only responsibility of our customer is to check within their local customs if they will be taxed for buying or importing our items.

There are different custom policies all around the world and some of the countries are strict in imposing taxes for importing any items that are high in value.

Feel free to contact us at for more information regarding shipping and delivery procedure.